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Summerville Professional Malpractice Lawyer

Professional malpractice occurs when a licensed professional violates the standard of care that is required by that specific profession, and causes some type of harm to their client. For a doctor, that may mean that he or she is accused of veering from the standard of care used to treat cancer and the patient suffered physical injury or death. For an engineer, that may mean negligently designing a structure that was not up to code, and had to undergo substantial reconstruction work. An accountant may lose tens of thousands of dollars for their client due to fraud or negligence. On the other hand, professionals get sued for malpractice by disgruntled clients or patients when they, the defendant, did nothing inappropriate at all. Here at Shelbourne Law, our experienced Summerville professional malpractice lawyers assist plaintiffs as well as defendants when it comes to malpractice. We are skilled negotiators and experienced litigators, and can help you win your case.

Protecting Your Interests

Professional malpractice claims are more common than you may think. A medical malpractice claim is filed every 43 minutes, according to Forbes. If you have been sued, you need to take immediate action. Similarly, if you were harmed by another’s negligence, you must act now. As a business owner, professional, or injured consumer or client, you need an experienced attorney to ensure that your interests are protected. Defendants have their businesses, careers, and even social standing within their communities to protect. Plaintiffs may have physical injuries that require monumental-sized medical bills, pain and suffering, and/or financial damages that could lead to bankruptcy or the loss of their own small business.

Types of Professional Malpractice

There are dozens of types of professional malpractice; virtually any professional that causes financial or physical harm to a client through a negligent act can be sued for professional malpractice.

  • Medical Malpractice;
  • Dental Malpractice;
  • Chiropractic Malpractice;
  • Nursing Home Malpractice;
  • Therapist Malpractice;
  • Hospital malpractice;
  • Veterinary Malpractice;
  • Insurance Malpractice;
  • Accountant Malpractice;
  • Clergy Malpractice;
  • Real Estate Malpractice;
  • Legal Malpractice;
  • Architectural Malpractice;
  • Engineering Malpractice; and
  • More.

Statute of Limitations of Medical Malpractice

The statute of limitations—the number of years a plaintiff has to bring a claim from the date of the injury or damage—for medical malpractice, and most types of personal injury, is three years in South Carolina, as per Section 15-3-545. Generally, the statute of limitations is three years of other types of professional malpractice such as legal malpractice, though exceptions can sometimes be made. Missing the statute of limitations is sometimes an easy defense for defendants, and the lawsuit can be thrown out in a matter of days or weeks. For plaintiffs, missing the statute of limitations is a major risk, which is why contacting an attorney sooner rather than later is necessary.

Call Our Summerville Professional Malpractice Lawyers

If you are being sued or have suffered a financial or physical injury, you need to speak to an experienced Summerville professional malpractice lawyer. Reach out to Shelbourne Law today at 843-871-2210 to schedule a free consultation. We will analyze your case and create a comprehensive plan of attack or defense that fits your specific needs.

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