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Summerville Construction Dispute Lawyer

Top Causes for Construction Disputes

A construction dispute can arise for virtually any reason. From a disagreement about craftsmanship to personal grievances, sometimes it does not take much for a building project to go haywire. The top causes of construction disputes include the following:

  • Delays in construction;
  • Misinterpretation of the terms within the contract;
  • Failure to administer the contract; and
  • Making an unsubstantiated or incomplete claim.

Examples of specific, serious issues that may arise, which lead to a dispute and potentially breach of contract, include fraud, loss of revenue, and defective construction. Some of these disputes can be ironed out amicably through negotiation and mediation, while other more serious violations of the contract between the property owner/developer and the contractor may need to be settled in court via a lawsuit verdict. Contact our experienced Summerville construction dispute lawyers for more information or assistance.

Defective Construction Lawsuit

Lawsuits for defective construction are one of the most common types of construction disputes. There are generally four types of liability that a contractor can be sued for in a defective construction claim. These include breach of contract, breach of warranty, strict liability, and negligence.

Loss of Revenue

Proving loss of revenue due to a construction delay, defect, or other breach of contract can be difficult. However, loss of revenue is a serious matter for property owners, and needs to be handled by an experienced litigator to ensure that your damages are addressed.

Assisting Contractors Who Have Been Blamed for Wrongdoing

Whether allegations of breach of contract, negligence, or defective construction have been thrown your way, you need to contact an lawyer immediately. Our lawyers are experienced litigators with a proven history of success when it comes to defending our clients. On the other hand, if you are a contractor who has suffered damages due to the property owner’s breach of contract, we can help make you whole.

Construction Disputes are on the Rise

Construction disputes are a major cause of high-asset lawsuits, and can cripple small to large businesses on either side of the dispute. Furthermore, construction disputes are actually on the rise. In fact, the average value of U.S. construction disputes tripled from 2012 to 2013 to $34.3 million, according to the Global Construction Disputes Report and reported on by the Construction Executive. This level of lawsuit or settlement can spell disaster for a contractor or property owner, and it is imperative that you do everything in your power to protect your best interests, and that includes hiring an experienced Summerville construction dispute lawyer. 

Our Summerville Construction Lawyers Can Help You Today

While many building projects run as smooth as the freshly laid concrete of a well-poured foundation, other construction projects do not. This may lead to a construction dispute between the contractor and property owner/developer, and escalate to a lawsuit. Whether you are the contractor or the property owner, an experienced Summerville construction dispute lawyer with the Shelbourne Law can help mitigate problems, negotiate terms in arbitration, or win in court if necessary. We urge you to contact the experienced Summerville contract dispute lawyers at Shelbourne Law today by calling 843-871-2210.

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